apparently, right now I've been busy with the so-called "life".
I'll keep on trying to be continue writing, because I missed it so much.
juggling your physical, mental and emotional status can be so hard.

220: It's Really The End.


I absolutely conclude that my fandom for akame, KAT-TUN, NEWS and Yamapi has finally ended. It breaks my heart to admit it but things come and go, and so is my fandom. For one, I know that I get easily bored with stuff. And I guess this is one of the many explanations or reasons as to why I'm leaving. The fandom. 

I`m not leaving livejournal. Maybe just for a while since I'm busy experimenting in AFF. But hey, I`d still update myself every now and then but maybe not as often as before. 

Jin went to marry Meisa and then Yamapi decided to be a bold slashthat porn star of some sort. I don`t have a liking to his songs anymore and I`ve always longed for the nice translations of his songs. The ERO MV (yes, I`ve watched it, surprisingly) is totally not my thing. Besides that latest thing, I haven`t watched anything else. 

All I`m saying is that I won`t be updated like a fangirl. Maybe I`ll do graphics and fiction but I`m not as knowledgable as before. I`ve been leaning more into Kpop now. And sad to say, I don`t want to be discussing it here. Because this is my Japanese haven. It hurts my heart if I suddenly blurt out Kpop stuff. But I`ve started to write some fiction about it and hopefully, you guys will be able to accept my works. Those with requests, of course I`ll still fulfill it. I`m really sorry that it`s all been delayed though. I hope you will forgive me.

And like every book ends, 


P.S. I was browsing through my old community and I guess I'll be making everything public. Second is that, the fiction "Cherish" has a sequel. I don't know when I'll finish it but I remember writing something about it. Hopefully, it gets done because I liked that fic a lot too.


Two people added me today. Guys, please comment on my intro post? I would really like to add you but... Just comment! Really, I don't bite. (Hardly!!! lol) And if you want the fiction, I have my links there just look at it.